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Chiarina made the whole process fun and comfortable for us - and we are delighted with the final special portrait. Nancy & Keith Toone
Keith Toone - 29 Aug 2014
Chiarina made the whole process fun and comfortable for us - and we are delighted with the final special portrait. Nancy & Keith Toone
Keith Toone - 29 Aug 2014
When my wife was approaching a milestone birthday, I looked around for something appropriate to the occasion, and a friend suggested I consider Chiarina Loggia’s painting/portraits. Chiarina was with me right from the opening steps of the project, helping me to choose from among a variety of appropriate photographs, and she was generously available during all the intermediate steps leading to the finished product. I was delighted with the results. I knew enough about Chiarina’s work to anticipate a high level of professional skill, but the affective power of the painting exceeded my expectations.
Edward Pechter - 8 Aug 2014
Chiarina morphed a (mediocre at best) photo I submitted into an absolutely awe-inspiring work of art. All who pass the portrait in my hall, stop, gaze and are taken by your work. Be incredibly proud.
Christina Batelli - 8 Aug 2014
Chiarina, having just completed your Photo Etching Workshop, I would like to thank you for a genuinely inspirational experience. Your encouragement, support, and guidance, throughout the two days; was invaluable in facilitating the achievement of some very spectacular results. I found your teaching style, with the generous use of step by step demonstrations, many examples, and then providing the numerous opportunities for student practice, with one-on-one support and feedback, to be truly invaluable. I have very little technical ability or facility with art materials, but my lack of skill was not a limitation in my achievement of some very stunning results! The impressive success that I achieved in using this media, was a direct result of your talent, skill, advice and encouragement. You made learning printmaking enjoyable and easy! I have not had as much fun in many years. Thank You!
Kevin Cavanagh - 19 Sep 2011
Inspiring! I was looking for a quote about the mirror of the soul. When I found your web site. Reading about your career amazed me. I just finished certification in Native Creative Arts and Crafts Therapy and want to set up my own farm with horses and art therapy. Your visions and creations have inspired me. Kind Regards, Susan Hathiramani
Susan - 3 Nov 2010
Chiarina,your art continues to amaze me! I'm very excited about attending your upcoming show at the Collective Works Gallery, entitled Mirror, Mirror! Opening night July 30, is going to be a fabulous evening! See you there soon!!
Randy Quickfall - 25 Jun 2010
Stunning work! I love the inclusion of the written word in the work. Wonderful!
Jerry L. Hanson - 27 Mar 2010
Beautiful work! Words do not do it justice. Your talent is brilliant; as I am sure, your many happy customers can readily attest to. Also, perusing your site was, to put it quite simply, a sheer delight!
Randy Quickfall (@RANDZ) - 13 Mar 2010
Eye candy of a supremely addicting variety. I so enjoy wandering your site. Thanks to Rumon for the intro.
Alyssa Peel - 9 Feb 2010
Thanks to Michael who mentioned your website I am even more in love with work than I already was! Such beauty, I wished I lived a bit nearer to follow one of your workshops! Love, Karin
karin jongsma - 22 Dec 2009
very inspirational- particularly the people gallery- thank you very much-
george fillmore - 13 Dec 2009
A beautiful web gallery, Chiarina. Each series is a visual feast. Congratulations. Pat Weldon
Pat Weldon - 23 Dec 2008
Thank You Chiarina I sense the stillness and depth Japanese wonder in your creations & presentations, not to mention your sense of playfulness. ~~ Kutos! Gaert Linnaea
gaert linnaea - 30 Nov 2008
Love your art and this website is a great example of what you do as an artist. Thanks. BETTY HILDRETH
betty hildreth - 3 May 2008
A visit to your gallery is a refreshing break in my day. Modern life is amazing.
Shelby Quissy - 23 Apr 2008
Your work is beautiful Chiarina and your website does it justice. Well done. Margie and Bob Humphreys
Margie Humphreys - 3 Dec 2007
Chiarina/Sharon I am so impressed delighted and in awe It was a pleasure sharing a tiny part of your wonderful journey of discovery and development I would so love to be able to view to enjoy and share in this really rewarding period in your artistic and personal life. I am eager to see the future expressions! have fun love and cheers from Tokyo! Ursula.
Ursula Bartlett Imadegawa - 3 Dec 2007
It's beautiful! I love your colour choices and everything about the way it looks. Don't you love the modern world and what we can do with communication?
Shelby Quissy - 22 Nov 2007
Very nice website Chiarina. Lovely work. Bravo!
Diane Blanchard - 22 Nov 2007
Looking Good Chiarina!
Lorraine Betts - 14 Nov 2007
Looks lovelly!! and yeah...about time! ;-)
Kay Lovett - 14 Nov 2007
Bravo, Chiarina!
Gretchen Markle - 9 Nov 2007
well it's about time!
Filomena - 7 Nov 2007
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